Morgellons Disease: The Spread of a Mass Psychogenic Illness via the Internet and Its Implications in Hand Surgery

  title={Morgellons Disease: The Spread of a Mass Psychogenic Illness via the Internet and Its Implications in Hand Surgery},
  author={Carl A. Nunziato and Brent M. Egeland and Andrew Gurman and Steven L. Henry},
  pages={NP5 - NP9}
Somatic manifestations of mental illness sometimes occur in patients presenting to hand specialists. These conversion disorders can also occur in groups, a phenomenon known as “mass psychogenic illness.” The increasing penetrance of the Internet and social media in modern society has greatly facilitated the interaction of patients with others with similar disorders. One example relevant to hand surgery is “Morgellons disease,” a disorder popularized in 2002 and characterized by a firm belief in… 

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Morgellons in dermatology

The delusional assumption of infestation with Morgellons should be considered as a new type of DP with some kind of inanimate material, and the use of the broader term “delusional infestation” is recommended.

Morgellons disease: insights into treatment.

Risperidone or trifluoperazine can provide relief to patients especially when paired with adjuvant therapies, strong doctor-patient relationships, and a multidisciplinary approach.

Morgellons disease: experiences of an integrated multidisciplinary dermatology team to achieve positive outcomes

Managing patients holistically in an integrated multidisciplinary dermatology setting helps achieve positive outcomes in Morgellons disease, which is widely discussed on the internet and patients often self-diagnose.

History of Morgellons disease: the same name for different psychodermatologic diseases?

This paper intends to critically review the main ideas and controversies, since its first description of Morgellons disease, which has been a controversial topic in the history of psychodermatology.

Factitious lymphedema of the hand.

  • R. Smith
  • Medicine
    The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume
  • 1975
Twenty-two patients with factitious lymphedema of the hand were reviewed, and the course and psychiatric diagnosis indicated that malingering for secondary financial gain was not a primary goal.

Mass psychogenic illness and the social network: is it changing the pattern of outbreaks?

This case has dominated headlines in the USA and continues to generate anxiety and controversy, with environmental activist Erin Brockovich to challenge the diagnosis and open an independent investigation to determine the ‘real’ cause.

Factitious Disorders of the Upper Extremity

Treatment of patients with factitious disorders of the upper extremity requires patience and insight to avoid being manipulated into performing unnecessary surgical procedures.

The first investigative science-based evidence of Morgellons psychogenesis

For the first time in the literature, it is scientifically demonstrated the self-induced nature of Morgellons disease, thereby wiping out fanciful theories about its etiopathogenesis.

Delusional infestation versus Morgellons disease.