More than Words: The Influence of Affective Content and Linguistic Style Matches in Online Reviews on Conversion Rates

  title={More than Words: The Influence of Affective Content and Linguistic Style Matches in Online Reviews on Conversion Rates},
  author={Stephan Ludwig and Ko de Ruyter and Mike Friedman and Elisabeth Br{\"u}ggen and Martin Wetzels and Gerard Antonie Pfann},
  journal={Journal of Marketing},
  pages={103 - 87}
Customers increasingly rely on other consumers' reviews to make purchase decisions online. New insights into the customer review phenomenon can be derived from studying the semantic content and style properties of verbatim customer reviews to examine their influence on online retail sites' conversion rates. The authors employ text mining to extract changes in affective content and linguistic style properties of customer book reviews on A dynamic panel data model reveals that the… 

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