More than Cool Reason: A Field Guide to Poetic Metaphor

  title={More than Cool Reason: A Field Guide to Poetic Metaphor},
  author={George Lakoff and Mark Turner},
"The authors restore metaphor to our lives by showing us that it's never gone away. We've merely been taught to talk as if it had: as though weather maps were more 'real' than the breath of autumn; as though, for that matter, Reason was really 'cool.' What we're saying whenever we say is a theme this book illumines for anyone attentive." -- Hugh Kenner, Johns Hopkins University "In this bold and powerful book, Lakoff and Turner continue their use of metaphor to show how our minds get hold of… 
Philosophy of Metaphor: Science or Poetry?
My ambivalence concerns the co-opting of the term ‘metaphor’ to name the subject matter of this field of study, and the nature of the work of those situated within the Lakoff and Johnson paradigm.
Metaphor in Cognition, Poetry and Science
This chapter draws on Mark Johnson’s demonstration that all understanding, even the most complex and systematic, is irreducibly metaphorical and shaped by our human bodily experience. From this
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When M. Johnson and G. Lakoff published "Metaphors We Live By", they were at the forefront of a radical change in thinking about metaphors. Metaphors, they suggested, are not simply poetic parts of
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The Contemporary Theory of Metaphor George Lakoff Do not go gentle into that good night. -Dylan Thomas Death is the mother of beauty . . . -Wallace Stevens, “Sunday Morningq Introduction These famous
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Bruce Fraser's metaphor for metaphor was nicely illustrated by its contexta multi-disciplinary discussion in which linguists, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, educators, and other academics
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THERE IS LITTLE DISPUTE OVER THE ROLE OF CONTEXT IN metahoric interpretation, yet opinion remains divided on ie extent of the effects of bodily experience, cultural background, conscious choice, and
Reading in the Blend: Collaborative Conceptual Blending in the Silent Traveller Narratives
sphere” of the image, and then into sound or language—in many ways anticipating George Lakoff’s work on the embodied mind, which is posited as the basis of conceptual blending: “[t]he
Encounter Foreign Metaphors: A Cross-Cultural Online Study
For a long time. Metaphor was merely considered as a literary device of language for its mysterious power of reasoning and rhetoric beauty. Aristotle wrote in his Poetics. “[T]he greatest thing by
Navigating the Mainstream: Metaphors and Multiethnic Literature
I come to the study of multiethnic literature not as a theorist, but as a poet. Accordingly, I am drawn to the metaphors employed in discussions of diversity and multiculturalism and find in them a