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More stable stems

  title={More stable stems},
  author={Daniel Isaksen and Guozhen Wang and Zhouli Xu},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Topology},
We compute the stable homotopy groups up to dimension 90, except for some carefully enumerated uncertainties. 
C_2-equivariant and R-motivic stable stems, II
We show that the $C_2$-equivariant and $\mathbb{R}$-motivic stable homotopy groups are isomorphic in a range. This result supersedes previous work of Dugger and the third author.
Connective Models for Topological Modular Forms of Level $n$
The goal of this article is to construct and study connective versions of topological modular forms of higher level like tmf1(n). In particular, we use them to realize Hirzebruch’s level-n genus as aExpand
R-motivic stable stems
We compute some R-motivic stable homotopy groups. For $s - w \leq 11$, we describe the motivic stable homotopy groups $\pi_{s,w}$ of a completion of the R-motivic sphere spectrum. We apply theExpand
The 2-primary Hurewicz image of tmf.
We determine the image of the 2-primary tmf-Hurewicz homomorphism, where tmf is the spectrum of topological modular forms. We do this by lifting elements of tmf_* to the homotopy groups of theExpand
Synthetic spectra and the cellular motivic category
To any Adams-type homology theory we associate a notion of a synthetic spectrum, this is a spherical sheaf on the site of finite spectra with projective E-homology. We show that the ∞-category SynEExpand
The Wedge Family Of The Cohomology Of The C-Motivic Steenrod Algebra
THE WEDGE FAMILY OF THE COHOMOLOGY OF THE C-MOTIVIC STEENROD ALGEBRA by HIEU THAI August 2020 Advisor: Dr. Daniel Isaksen Major: Mathematics Degree: Doctor of Philosophy Computing the stable homotopyExpand
Stable homotopy groups of spheres
The groups of homotopy spheres that classify smooth structures on spheres through dimension 90, except for dimension 4 are determined, which are more heavily on machine computations than previous methods and is therefore less prone to error. Expand
The Ando-Hopkins-Rezk orientation is surjective
We show that the map $\pi_\ast \mathrm{MString}\to \pi_\ast \mathrm{tmf}$ induced by the Ando-Hopkins-Rezk orientation is surjective. This proves an unpublished claim of Hopkins and Mahowald. We doExpand
On the high-dimensional geography problem
In 1962, Wall showed that smooth, closed, oriented, $(n-1)$-connected $2n$-manifolds of dimension at least $6$ are classified up to connected sum with an exotic sphere by an algebraic refinement ofExpand
The Chow $t$-structure on motivic spectra.
We define the Chow $t$-structure on the $\infty$-category of motivic spectra $SH(k)$ over an arbitrary base field $k$. We identify the heart of this $t$-structure $SH(k)^{c\heartsuit}$ when theExpand


Composition methods in homotopy groups of spheres
The description for this book, Compositional Methods in Homotopy Groups of Spheres. (AM-49), will be forthcoming.
C-motivic modular forms
We construct a topological model for cellular, 2-complete, stable C-motivic homotopy theory that uses no algebro-geometric foundations. We compute the Steenrod algebra in this context, and weExpand
Complex Cobordism and Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres
An introduction to the homotopy groups of spheres Setting up the Adams spectral sequence The classical Adams spectral sequence $BP$-theory and the Adams-Novikov spectral sequence The chromaticExpand
The η-local motivic sphere
We compute the h1-localized cohomology of the motivic Steenrod algebra over C. This serves as the input to an Adams spectral sequence that computes the motivic stable homotopy groups of the η-localExpand
A new differential in the Adams spectral sequence
Classical and Motivic Adams Charts
This document contains large-format Adams charts that compute 2-complete stable homotopy groups, both in the classical context and in the motivic context over C. The charts are essentially completeExpand
On the nonexistence of elements of Kervaire invariant one
We show that the Kervaire invariant one elements θj ∈ π2j+1−2S exist only for j ≤ 6. By Browder’s Theorem, this means that smooth framed manifolds of Kervaire invariant one exist only in dimensionsExpand
The goal of this work is the construction of the analogue to the Adams spectral sequence in cobordism theory, calculation of the ring of cohomology operations in this theory, and also a number ofExpand
Some differentials in the Adams spectral sequence
1.1. Let A, be the Steenrod algebra for the primep. Adams in [Z] introduced a spectral sequence which has as its E2 term ExtAp(H*(X), Z,) and which converges to a graded algebra associated to n*(X,Expand
The cohomology of motivic A(2)
Working over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, we compute the cohomology of the subalgebra A(2) of the motivic Steenrod algebra that is generated by Sq^1, Sq^2, and Sq^4. TheExpand