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More on the low variance circles in CMB sky

  title={More on the low variance circles in CMB sky},
  author={V.G.Gurzadyan and R.Penrose},
Two groups [3,4] have confirmed the results of our paper concerning the actual existence of low variance circles in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) sky. They also point out that the effect does not contradict the LCDM model - a matter which is not in dispute. We point out two discrepancies between their treatment and ours, however, one technical, the other having to do with the very understanding of what constitutes a Gaussian random signal. Both groups simulate maps using the CMB power… 
Time After Time - Big Bang Cosmology and the Arrows of Time
Time, as familiar as it seems to us in everyday life, is one of the greatest puzzles of science and philosophy. In physics and cosmology it is especially mysterious why time appears to be directed,