More on Male and Female Speech in (Acoma and Laguna) Keresan

  title={More on Male and Female Speech in (Acoma and Laguna) Keresan},
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In a previous issue of this Journal, Kroskrity (1983), henceforth K, noted a common pattern of male and female speech differences in the various Pueblo Indian languages and suggested that it is probably due to diffusion. He cited available material from a genetically diverse sample: Hopi of the Uto-Aztecan family; Arizona Tewa, Rio Grande Tewa, and Tiwa of the Kiowa-Tanoan family; and Acoma of the Keresan family; "comparable data appear to be lacking for Zuni." He noted that the terms are "sex… Expand
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........................................................................................... ix CHAPTER 1 A FRAMEWORK FOR AREAL LINGUISTICS .................... 1 1.


On Male and Female Speech in the Pueblo Southwest
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Some Notes on Acoma Kinship Terminology
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T HE KINSHIP MATERIAL presented in this paper1 was obtained between 1955 and the present from an Acoma woman about thirty-five years old who now resides in San Francisco, California. In spite of theExpand
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Sex differentiation in language
  • Language and Sex: Difference and Domination, ed. Barrie Thorne and N. Henley, pp. 130-51. Rowley, Mass.: Newbury House.
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Speech variation in Acoma Keresan. Linguistics and Anthropology in Honor of C
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In preparation. Selected issues in Laguna phonology and morphology