More analytic bootstrap: nonperturbative effects and fermions

  title={More analytic bootstrap: nonperturbative effects and fermions},
  author={Soner Albayrak and David Meltzer and David Poland},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract We develop the analytic bootstrap in several directions. First, we discuss the appearance of nonperturbative effects in the Lorentzian inversion formula, which are exponentially suppressed at large spin but important at finite spin. We show that these effects are important for precision applications of the analytic bootstrap in the context of the 3d Ising and O(2) models. In the former they allow us to reproduce the spin-2 stress tensor with error at the 10−5 level while in the… 

Analytic bootstrap of mixed correlators in the O(n) CFT

We use large spin perturbation theory and the Lorentzian inversion formula to compute order-ϵ corrections to mixed correlators in the O(n) Wilson-Fisher CFT in 4 − ϵ dimensions. In particular, we

The inversion formula and 6j symbol for 3d fermions

Abstract In this work we study the 6j symbol of the 3d conformal group for fermionic operators. In particular, we study 4-point functions containing two fermions and two scalars and also those with

Analytic bootstrap of mixed correlators in the $\boldsymbol{O(n)}$ CFT

: We use large spin perturbation theory and the Lorentzian inversion formula to compute order- ε corrections to mixed correlators in the O ( n ) Wilson–Fisher CFT in 4 − ε dimensions. In particular,

Regge trajectories for the (2, 0) theories

We investigate the structure of conformal Regge trajectories for the maximally supersymmetric (2 , 0) theories in six dimensions. The different conformal multiplets in a single superconformal

The leading trajectory in the 2+1D Ising CFT

We study the scattering of lumps in the 2+1-dimensional Ising CFT, indirectly, by analytically continuing its spectrum using the Lorentzian inversion formula. We find evidence that the intercept of

Closed-form expression for cross-channel conformal blocks near the lightcone

  • Wenliang Li
  • Mathematics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2020
In the study of conformal field theories, conformal blocks in the lightcone limit are fundamental to the analytic conformal bootstrap method. Here we consider the lightcone limit of 4-point functions

Holographic thermal correlators from supersymmetric instantons

We present an exact formula for the thermal scalar two-point function in four-dimensional holographic conformal field theories. The problem of finding it reduces to the analysis of the wave equation

Bootstrapping $N_f=4$ conformal QED$_3$

We present the results of a conformal bootstrap study of the presumed unitary IR xed point of quantum electrodynamics in three dimensions (QED3) coupled to Nf = 4 two-component Dirac fermions. Speci

AdS/CFT unitarity at higher loops: high-energy string scattering

What is the space of weakly-coupled, gravitational theories which contain massive, higher-spin particles? This class of theories is highly constrained and it is conjectured their ultraviolet

The Hybrid Bootstrap

This work discusses the general strategy to perform such a hybrid bootstrap, and makes a partial implementation of the strategy for 3D Ising CFT {σ, } system.



Conformal bootstrap in the Regge limit

A bstractWe analytically solve the conformal bootstrap equations in the Regge limit for large N conformal field theories. For theories with a parametrically large gap, the amplitude is dominated by

Bootstrapping 3D fermions

A bstractWe study the conformal bootstrap for a 4-point function of fermions 〈ψψψψ〉 in 3D. We first introduce an embedding formalism for 3D spinors and compute the conformal blocks appearing in

Bootstrapping 3D fermions with global symmetries

A bstractWe study the conformal bootstrap for 4-point functions of fermions 〈ψiψjψkψℓ〉 in parity-preserving 3d CFTs, where ψi transforms as a vector under an O(N ) global symmetry. We compute bounds

Fermion conformal bootstrap in 4d

A bstractWe apply numerical conformal bootstrap techniques to the four-point function of a Weyl spinor in 4d non-supersymmetric CFTs. We find universal bounds on operator dimensions and OPE

Scalar-fermion analytic bootstrap in 4D

A bstractIn this work we discuss an analytic bootstrap approach [1, 2] in the context of spinning 4D conformal blocks [3, 4]. As an example we study the simplest spinning case, the scalar-fermion

Analyticity in spin in conformal theories

A bstractConformal theory correlators are characterized by the spectrum and three-point functions of local operators. We present a formula which extracts this data as an analytic function of spin. In

Comments on operators with large spin

We consider high spin operators. We give a general argument for the logarithmic scaling of their anomalous dimensions which is based on the symmetries of the problem. By an analytic continuation we

Mellin space bootstrap for global symmetry

A bstractWe apply analytic conformal bootstrap ideas in Mellin space to conformal field theories with O(N) symmetry and cubic anisotropy. We write down the conditions arising from the consistency

An algebraic approach to the analytic bootstrap

A bstractWe develop an algebraic approach to the analytic bootstrap in CFTs. By acting with the Casimir operator on the crossing equation we map the problem of doing large spin sums to any desired

Bootstrapping the minimal N = 1 superconformal field theory in three dimensions

We develop the numerical bootstrap technique to study the 2 + 1 dimensional N = 1 superconformal field theories (SCFTs). When applied to the minimal N = 1 SCFT, it allows us to determine its critical