More Conversations with Queer Young People: To Be Read Aloud

  title={More Conversations with Queer Young People: To Be Read Aloud},
  author={Michael Crowhurst},
School settings are not always experienced as safe or welcoming places if you identify as a Queer Young Person. Making available the stories of Queer Young People, and asking people to read these aloud, is a very strategic way to generate change. This workbook aims to make a contribution to the expansion of this culture's acceptance and acknowledgment of sexual and gender diversity because the wellbeing of Queer Young People, of all young people, is always compromised in settings that are not… Expand
The Ellen DeGeneration: nudging bias in the creative arts classroom
Research in the areas of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) issues in education has been growing steadily over the past 10 years with the help of Fine and Weis (Silenced voices andExpand
Reading Aloud to Support Non-normative Identifications and Affectivities—A Triptych
Berlant (Cruel Optimism. Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2011) argues that one response to the discomfort caused by an encounter with difference is to ease that tension by reproducing normativeExpand
Poetry as Productive of Persistent Multiplicities
As I/we described in Chapter 2 there are many problems with the modern university. For example the proliferation of standardizations, an overbearing and extensive audit and accountability culture,Expand
“This course made me feel guilty to be an Australian”: Exterior assemblages and continuing reflections
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Translations-Generations: Representing and Producing Migration Generations Through Arts-Based Research
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Reading Aloud as Generative
In Chap. 6, we examine the generative potential of multiplicity for the reader of a story. This chapter offers a methodology that is not so much to do with interpretation of text as it is to do withExpand
The Problem: Standardizations and Normativities
In this chapter we describe the phenomenon that has provoked our investigations. We identify this problem as tendencies towards standardizations, normativities and alignments, and we use theExpand
Beginning Teachers Reviewing Disastrous Lessons
I currently work in pre-service teacher education and I often share a coffee with a colleague, Dr. Barbara Chancellor. During one of these coffee breaks in 2007 we were discussing tutorialExpand


Young queers getting together: moving beyond isolation and loneliness
Over the last decade, education-focused research/studies on young queers (or same-sex attracted young people) have highlighted the many problems or difficulties they face growing up in a homophobic,Expand
Writing themselves in: a national report on the sexuality, health and well-being of same-sex attracted young people
This 1998 report is about young people who are attracted to their own sex. The need for accurate baseline figures about young people of non-heterosexual orientation has developed as part of a generalExpand
Becoming Subjects: Sexualities and Secondary Schooling
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Coming Out of the Classroom Closet: Gay and Lesbian Students, Teachers, and Curricula
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Engaging with the Other: Drama, and Intercultural Education
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Lost Subjects, Contested Objects: Toward a Psychoanalytic Inquiry of Learning
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Shards of Glass: Children Reading and Writing Beyond Gendered Identities
Post-structuralist theory and the study of gendered childhoods the subjects of childhood knowledge and the subjects of reading and writing a vision of femininity? (masculine) transformationsExpand
Silenced Sexualities in Schools and Universities
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Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences
Looking Back, Looking Forward Constructing Narratives for Research Thematic Analysis Structural Analysis Dialogic Performance Analysis Visual Analysis Truths and Cautions