Morbidity in 303 first-episode bipolar I disorder patients.

  title={Morbidity in 303 first-episode bipolar I disorder patients.},
  author={Ross J. Baldessarini and Paola Salvatore and Hari-Mandir Kaur Khalsa and Priscilla Gebre-Medhin and Harkaitz Imaz and Ana Gonzalez-Pinto and J Tascon Perez and N{\'u}ria Cruz and Carlo Maggini and Mauricio Tohen},
  journal={Bipolar disorders},
  volume={12 3},
OBJECTIVES To test the hypotheses that: (i) depressive-dysthymic-dysphoric (D-type) morbidity is more prevalent than manic-hypomanic-psychotic (M-type) morbidity even from first episodes of bipolar I disorder (BPD-I) and despite treatment; (ii) initial presentations predict later morbidity; (iii) morbidity varies internationally; and (iv) early and later morbidity are similar. METHODS We followed SCID-based, DSM-IV BPD-I patients (n = 303) systematically and prospectively for two years to… CONTINUE READING