Morbidity and mortality of the short-bowel syndrome.

  title={Morbidity and mortality of the short-bowel syndrome.},
  author={Johannes Mayr and P H Schober and U Weissensteiner and Michael E. Hoellwarth},
  journal={European journal of pediatric surgery : official journal of Austrian Association of Pediatric Surgery ... [et al] = Zeitschrift fur Kinderchirurgie},
  volume={9 4},
From 1976 to 1998 we have treated 17 neonates with short-bowel syndrome. Those 8 patients who had an intact ileocecal valve as well as the total colon preserved did significantly better than the 9 children without ileocecal valve and > 50% missing colon. In addition to the length of the intestinal remnants, motility had a major impact on the incidence of complications and final outcome. Four patients died (23.5%). All of them had an intestinal length of less than 30 cm, severe dysmotility, no… CONTINUE READING