Morbid obesity and hypertension: The role of perirenal fat.

  title={Morbid obesity and hypertension: The role of perirenal fat.},
  author={Maria Anastasia Ricci and Matteo Scavizzi and Stefano Ministrini and Stefano De Vuono and Giacomo Pucci and Graziana Lupattelli},
  journal={Journal of clinical hypertension},
  volume={20 10},
Accumulation of fat in renal sinus and hilum is associated with hypertension development. We evaluated the relationship between perirenal fat and hypertension in a population of morbidly obese patients and the potential variations after sleeve-gastrectomy. Two hundred and eighty-four morbidly obese patients were included in the study, and 126 underwent sleeve-gastrectomy. At baseline and 10-12 months after surgery, we evaluated anthropometric parameters, blood pressure, glycometabolic, and… CONTINUE READING
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