Moral treatment and the therapeutic community

  title={Moral treatment and the therapeutic community},
  author={Russell Hollander},
  journal={Psychiatric Quarterly},
History can serve as a useful tool for better understanding contemporary mental health programs. At present, much interest is directed at apparent parallels between 19th century moral treatment and modern milieu therapies, especially the therapeutic community. A common emphasis on a humane living environment is typically cited as the major parallel between the treatments. However, on closer examination, it appears that moral treatment and the therapeutic community exemplify different… 
Milieu approaches and other adaptations of therapeutic community method: past and future
It is unclear whether TC milieu treatments proved helpful in acute ward environments in their heyday in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, in particular those involving people suffering from acute psychosis, and the changing landscape of psychiatric provision may make further investigation difficult.
Psychological Suffering as Message or Malady: Ideological and Cultural Contributions of Humanism
The author argues that message and malady perspectives have been vital underlying forces in counseling theories and mental health culture. Counselors may be unaware of these forces, a situation that


Psychiatry and Community in Nineteenth Century America.
Characterized as a history of ideas, the work presents the varied and sometimes disparate views of psychiatry in the 19th century as a necessary background to, and means of understanding, the authors' present knowledge of the treatment of mental disorders.
Results in a Therapeutic Community
It is shown that the chronic schizophrenic group are improved clinically and that the chances of discharge from hospital, and of interaction between patients, are greater for all those treated by the therapeutic community method.
Therapeutic Community
  • D. Clark
  • Medicine
    International nursing review
  • 1964
The following papers were amongst those presented at the Workshop on Therapeutic Communities which was held at Cumberland Lodge, Windoor, 18th- 21st September 1978. The Workshop was in the main a
Causes of Insanity