Moral Reason, Moral Sentiments and the Realization of Altruism: A Motivational Theory of Altruism

  title={Moral Reason, Moral Sentiments and the Realization of Altruism: A Motivational Theory of Altruism},
  author={Jee Loo Liu},
  journal={Asian Philosophy},
  pages={119 - 93}
  • J. Liu
  • Published 1 May 2012
  • Philosophy
  • Asian Philosophy
This paper begins with Thomas Nagel's (1970) investigation of the possibility of altruism to further examine how to motivate altruism. When the pursuit of the gratification of one's own desires generally has an immediate causal efficacy, how can one also be motivated to care for others and to act towards the well-being of others? A successful motivational theory of altruism must explain how altruism is possible under all these motivational interferences. The paper will begin with an exposition… 
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