Moral Courage Through a Collective Voice

  title={Moral Courage Through a Collective Voice},
  author={Julie M Aultman},
  journal={The American Journal of Bioethics},
  pages={67 - 69}
  • J. Aultman
  • Published 13 June 2008
  • Psychology
  • The American Journal of Bioethics
Courage is being scared to death—and saddling up anyway —John Wayne (quoted in Kidder, 2005, 9) Not long after reading the target article by Cook and Hoas (2008), I could not help but question whet... 
Israeli Teachers' Definitions of Morally Courageous Behavior in Education
This paper examines the content fields of the concept of “teachers’ moral courage” in order to conceptualize its boundaries. The study’s purpose was to assess the dimensions of morally courageousExpand
Rocking the boat - nursing students' stories of moral courage: A qualitative descriptive study.
The importance of undergraduate nursing students identifying as patient advocates, the multitude of consequences students face when questioning the practice of a registered nurse, and the influence supervising nurses and clinical facilitators have on a student's decisions to intervene to protect patient safety are demonstrated. Expand
Rural healthcare ethics: no longer the forgotten quarter.
  • W. Nelson, M. Greene, Alan West
  • Medicine
  • Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics : CQ : the international journal of healthcare ethics committees
  • 2010
The rural health context in the United States presents unique ethical challenges to its approximately 60 million residents, who represent about one quarter of the overall population and areExpand
Moral courage and psychological empowerment among nurses
Nurses’ moral courage could be enhanced by reinforcing their psychological empowerment leading to increased patient satisfaction and quality care, according to this descriptive cross-sectional study. Expand
Moral courage in undergraduate nursing students: A literature review.
There is a need for further research to explore positive examples of how nursing students demonstrate moral courage when undertaking clinical placements, as these narratives have the potential to influence future students’ attitudes, values and behaviours by providing stimulus materials for teaching. Expand
Exploring the Relationships Among Moral Distress, Moral Courage, and Moral Resilience in Undergraduate Nursing Students.
Interventions to cultivate moral resilience in nursing curricula are necessary and valid instruments to measure moral resilience and moral distress in nursing students should be investigated further. Expand
Comparison of moral courage of the nurses and nursing managers working in hospitals affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Background and Aim : Courage is one of the moral virtues and the source of many personal and social achievements that are essential for providing quality care. Moral courage is to take action actExpand
Longitudinal Learning Plan for Developing Moral Courage
  • E. Gibson
  • Psychology
  • Teaching and Learning in Nursing
  • 2019
Abstract Nursing curriculums strive to prepare students for their role as a professional nurse. Nursing ethics should continue to play a vital role in educating future nurses. Moral courage is one ofExpand
Employee–organisation connectedness and ethical behaviour: the mediating role of moral courage
PurposeHow employees connect with their work organisation and how it may play a role in their moral courage and ethical behaviour remain under-explored. This study, using Psychological ContractExpand
Ahlaki Cesaret: Tanımı, Ahlaki Sıkıntı ve Ahlaki Duyarlılık İle İlişkisi ve Geliştirilmesi
Ortaya cikan etik bir ikilem veya durum karsisinda, bireyin etik ve ahlaki degerlerine gore, muhtemel sonuclari goz onune alarak bir karar vermesi ve bu karar dogrultusunda harekete gecmesi olarakExpand


Ethics and Rural Healthcare: What Really Happens? What Might Help?
  • A. Cook, H. Hoas
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
  • 2008
The key findings obtained from multi-method research studies conducted over a 9-year period of time in a multi-state rural area are presented and a framework for envisioning resources and approaches that may be more appropriate is offered. Expand
Bioethics activities in rural hospitals.
  • A. Cook, H. Hoas, K. Guttmannova
  • Medicine
  • Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics : CQ : the international journal of healthcare ethics committees
  • 2000
Hospital ethics committees have evolved as a response to complicated legal, ethical, and social dilemmas that accompany modern medicine and there is heightened awareness of the needs for quality standards and assessment of the outcomes of ethics consultations. Expand
Rural Health Care Ethics: Is There a Literature?
It is indicated that there are a limited number of publications focusing on rural health care ethics, suggesting a need for scholars and researchers to more rigorously address rural ethics issues. Expand