Moplex orderings generated by the LexDFS algorithm

  title={Moplex orderings generated by the LexDFS algorithm},
  author={Shoujun Xu and Xianyue Li and Ronghua Liang},
  journal={Discrete Applied Mathematics},
LetG be a graphwith vertex set V . Amoplex ofG is both a clique and amodulewhose neighborhood is aminimal separator inG or empty. Amoplex ordering ofG is an ordered partition (X1, X2, · · · , Xk) of V for some integer k into moplexes which are defined in the successive transitory elimination graphs, i.e., for 1 6 i 6 k− 1, Xi is a moplex of the graph Gi induced by ∪j=i Xj and Xk induces a clique. In this paper we prove the terminal vertex by an execution of the lexicographical depth-first… CONTINUE READING


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