Mood congruent memory bias induced by tryptophan depletion.

  title={Mood congruent memory bias induced by tryptophan depletion.},
  author={Tineke Klaassen and Wim J. Riedel and Nicolaas E P Deutz and H M van Praag},
  journal={Psychological medicine},
  volume={32 1},
BACKGROUND Mood congruent memory bias predicts a more superior recall memory of learnt material congruent with the mood state at the time of learning. The present study is the first report of an experimental study in which a biological mood induction was used to test this hypothesis. The influence of acute tryptophan (TRP) depletion, inducing low serotonin neurotransmission and a depression of mood, on memory bias was evaluated in healthy volunteers (16 with and 11 without a family history of… CONTINUE READING

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