Montmorillonite protection of an UV-irradiated hairpin ribozyme: evolution of the RNA world in a mineral environment

  title={Montmorillonite protection of an UV-irradiated hairpin ribozyme: evolution of the RNA world in a mineral environment},
  author={Elisa Biondi and S. Branciamore and M. Maurel and Enzo Gallori},
  journal={BMC Evolutionary Biology},
  pages={S2 - S2}
  • Elisa Biondi, S. Branciamore, +1 author Enzo Gallori
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • BMC Evolutionary Biology
  • BackgroundThe hypothesis of an RNA-based origin of life, known as the "RNA world", is strongly affected by the hostile environmental conditions probably present in the early Earth. In particular, strong UV and X-ray radiations could have been a major obstacle to the formation and evolution of the first biomolecules. In 1951, J. D. Bernal first proposed that clay minerals could have served as the sites of accumulation and protection from degradation of the first biopolymers, providing the right… CONTINUE READING

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