Montesommaite , ( KrNa ) nAlnSiBO 64 . 10 H 2 O , a new zeolite related to merlinoite and the gismondine group * Ror , , tNr

  • C. Rousn, Pern J. DUNN, JoHu L. Scnr, ntrtKER, JoHN B. HrccrNs
  • Published 2007


The new zeolite montesommaite, (K,Na)nAleSi23O64.l0HrO, occurs with dolomite, calcite, chabazite, and natrolite in vesicles in scoria from Pollena, Monte Somma-Vesuvius, Italy. Montesommaite forms transparent, colorless, dipyramidal crystals, having a vitreous luster, a white streak, and no cleavage. The observed and calculated densities are 2.34 + 0.04 and… (More)


6 Figures and Tables

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