Monte-Carlo simulations of galaxy systems

  title={Monte-Carlo simulations of galaxy systems},
  author={H. T. Macgillivray and R. J. Dodd},
  journal={Astrophysics and Space Science},
The Monte-Carlo simulation technique described in Paper I (MacGillivrayet al., 1982b) is used to simulate static properties (positions, magnitudes, orientations and shapes) for galaxies in spherical supercluster ‘cells’ for different galaxy 3-dimensional alignment schemes, and the projected galaxy properties examined. The results may be used to aid the interpretation of the observed geometric properties for galaxies in real supercluster cells.The simulation technique is also used to examine the… 

Theoretical examinations of optical tomography through scattering medium

Optical tomography is considered to be a non-invasive and non-ionising technique that can create a digital volumetric model of an object by reconstructing 3D images made from light transmitted and