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Monte Carlo simulations for the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope

  title={Monte Carlo simulations for the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope},
  author={T. A. C. A. Albert and M. Andr{\'e} and M. Anghinolfi and G. Anton and M. Ardid and J. Aubert and J. Aublin and B. Baret and S. Basa and B. Belhorma and V. Bertin and S. Biagi and M. Bissinger and J. Boumaaza and M. Bouta and M. Bouwhuis and H. Branzas and R. Bruijn and J. Brunner and J. Busto and A. Capone and L. Caramete and J. Carr and S. Cecchini and S. Celli and M. Chabab and T. N. Chau and R. C. E. Moursli and T. Chiarusi and M. Circella and A. Coleiro and M. Colomer-Molla and R. Coniglione and P. Coyle and A. Creusot and A. F. Diaz and G. D. Wasseige and A. Deschamps and C. Distefano and I. Palma and A. Domi and C. Donzaud and D. Dornic and D. Drouhin and T. Eberl and N. Khayati and A. Enzenhofer and A. Ettahiri and P. Fermani and G. Ferrara and F. Filippini and L. Fusco and P. Gay and H. Glotin and R. Gozzini and K. Graf and C. Guidi and S. Hallmann and H. Haren and A. Heijboer and Y. Hello and J. J. Hern'andez-Rey and J. Hossl and J. Hofestadt and F. Huang and G. Illuminati and C. W. James and M. Jong and P. D. Jong and M. Jongen and M. Kadler and O. Kalekin and U. Katz and N. R. Khan-Chowdhury and A. Kouchner and I. Kreykenbohm and V. Kulikovskiy and R. Lahmann and R. L. Breton and D. Lef{\`e}vre and E. Leonora and G. Levi and M. Lincetto and D. Lopez-Coto and S. Loucatos and J. Ma'nczak and M. Marcelin and A. Margiotta and A. Marinelli and J. Mart{\'i}nez-Mora and S. Mazzou and K. Melis and P. Migliozzi and M. Moser and A. Moussa and R. Muller and L. Nauta and S. Navas and E. Nezri and A. N{\'u}{\~n}ez-Casti{\~n}eyra and B. O'Fearraigh and Mukharbek Organokov and G. E. Păvălaş and C. Pellegrino and M. Perrin-terrin and P. Piattelli and C. Poire and V. Popa and T. Pradier and N. Randazzo and S. Reck and G. Riccobene and F. Salesa and A. S'anchez-Losa and D. Samtleben and M. Sanguineti and P. Sapienza and J. Schnabel and F. Schussler and M. Spurio and T. Stolarczyk and B. Strandberg and M. Taiuti and Y. Tayalati and T. Thakore and S. J. Tingay and B. Vallage and V. Elewyck and F. Versari and S. Viola and D. Vivolo and J. Wilms and A. Zegarelli and J. Zornoza and J. Zuniga},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
  • T. A. C. A. Albert, M. André, +132 authors J. Zuniga
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena
  • Monte Carlo simulations are a unique tool to check the response of a detector and to monitor its performance. For a deep-sea neutrino telescope, the variability of the environmental conditions that can affect the behaviour of the data acquisition system must be considered, in addition to a reliable description of the active parts of the detector and of the features of physics events, in order to produce a realistic set of simulated events. In this paper, the software tools used to produce… CONTINUE READING
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