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Monte Carlo calculations of the magnetocaloric effect in Gd

  title={Monte Carlo calculations of the magnetocaloric effect in Gd},
  author={Pedro Henrique A. N{\'o}brega and Nilson de Oliveira and Pedro Jorge von Ranke and Amos Troper},
The magnetocaloric effect,1–4 the ability of magnetic materials to heat up or cool down when placed in or removed from an external magnetic field, has great importance in the technology of magnetic refrigeration. The magnetocaloric effect in the series Gd5 SixGe1−x 4 has been experimentally studied in the whole range of concentrations.5–13 The phase diagram2 shows that for x 0.5 the compounds Gd5 SixGe1−x 4 have an orthorhombic phase and undergo a second order magnetic phase transition. In this… Expand

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