Monte Carlo Study of Supernova Neutrino Spectra Formation

  title={Monte Carlo Study of Supernova Neutrino Spectra Formation},
  author={Georg G. Raffelt},
The neutrino flux and spectra formation in a supernova core is studied by using a Monte Carlo code. The dominant opacity contribution for νμ is elastic scattering on nucleons νμN → Nνμ, where νμ always stands for either νμ or ντ . In addition we switch on or off a variety of processes which allow for the exchange of energy or the creation and destruction of neutrino pairs, notably nucleon bremsstrahlung NN → NNνμν̄μ, the pair annihilation processes ee → νμν̄μ and νeν̄e → νμν̄μ, recoil and weak… CONTINUE READING