Monte‐Carlo Studies of the Electron Mobility in SiO2

  title={Monte‐Carlo Studies of the Electron Mobility in SiO2},
  author={H. J. Fitting and J.-U. Friemann},
The motion of quasi-free electrons in SiO2 is simulated by means of the Monte-Carlo-method and the Frohlich theory of the electron—LO-phonon scattering. From the field dependence of the drift velocity an electron mobility of μ ≈ 20 cm2/Vs is deduced. The energy distributions of hot electrons indicate an electronic breakdown at the field strength F0 ≈ 2 × 106 V/cm. For higher excited electrons with initial energies E0 ≈ (1 to 5) eV a “partial breakdown” even at lower field strength F < F0 is… CONTINUE READING