Monsel's solution-induced artifact in the uterine cervix.

  title={Monsel's solution-induced artifact in the uterine cervix.},
  author={Mark Spitzer and A E Chernys},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={175 5},
We documented and quantified Monsel's solution-related artifacts after cervical biopsies. All loop electrosurgical cone biopsy specimens over a 3-month period were reviewed for necrosis artifact of the surface epithelium. The degree of change was quantified and correlated with the antecedent use of Monsel's solution. Twenty-four cone biopsy specimens were evaluated. Three of the eight cone biopsy specimens obtained fewer than 10 days after the use of Monsel's solution showed definite changes… CONTINUE READING

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