Monozygotic twins, folie à deux and heritability: a case report and critical review.

  title={Monozygotic twins, folie {\`a} deux and heritability: a case report and critical review.},
  author={R. S. Shiwach and P B Sobin},
  journal={Medical hypotheses},
  volume={50 5},
A case report of shared delusional disorder, with a primary diagnosis of delusional disorder, is described in identical twins of proven zygosity. A review of literature shows that the primary diagnosis in identical twin pairs, suffering from folie à deux, is delusional disorder. This is in contrast to the reported excess of schizophrenia, as a primary diagnosis, in non-twin cases of folie à deux. Moreover, schizophrenia is poorly related to delusional disorders on the basis of demographic and… CONTINUE READING

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