Monoubiquitylation promotes mitochondrial p53 translocation.

  title={Monoubiquitylation promotes mitochondrial p53 translocation.},
  author={Natasha D Marchenko and Sonja Wolff and S. H. Erster and Kerstin Becker and Ute M. Moll},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={26 4},
A major function of the p53 tumor suppressor is the induction of a pleiotropic apoptotic program in response to stress through transcription-dependent and -independent mechanisms. In particular, this includes a direct apoptotic role of p53 at the mitochondria. Stress-induced p53 translocation to the mitochondria with subsequent outer membrane permeabilization is a common early component in p53-mediated apoptosis in normal and transformed cells. However, the mechanism of p53 delivery to the… CONTINUE READING


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