Monotonic and cyclic short beam shear response of 3 D woven composites

  title={Monotonic and cyclic short beam shear response of 3 D woven composites},
  author={Thomas R. Walter and G Venkata Subhash and B. V. Sankar and C. F. Yen},
Monotonic, multi-step and cyclic short beam shear tests were conducted on 2D and 3D woven composites. The test results were used to determine the effect of z-yarns on the inter-laminar shear strength as well as the multi-loading behavior. The presence of z-yarns was found to affect not only the inter-laminar shear strength of the composite but also the behavior of the composite beyond the elastic limit. Microscopic examination of the damaged specimens revealed large delamination cracks in 2D… CONTINUE READING


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