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Monotonic Coverings of Finite Sets

  title={Monotonic Coverings of Finite Sets},
  author={K. Wagner},
  journal={J. Inf. Process. Cybern.},
  • K. Wagner
  • Published 1984
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Inf. Process. Cybern.
Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Cochromatic Number and Disjoint Rectangle Stabbing
A combination of two well-known techniques within parameterized algorithms, namely greedy localization and iterative compression, are used to resolve affirmatively the open question of whether the problem of whether π can be partitioned into at most k increasing or decreasing subsequences. Expand
Optimal Sorting Of Rolling Stock
This thesis presents mathematical optimization methods for determining schedules that are either optimal or close to optimal, and computational results are discussed from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Expand
On Minimum k-Modal Partitions of Permutations
An LP rounding algorithm is derived which is a 2-approximation for minimum monotone partitions and a (k+1)-approximating for minimum (upper) k-modal partitions in general; this is the first approximation algorithm for this problem. Expand
Short note on complexity and approximability of unimodal partitions of permutations
We extend results of Wagner [8] and Fomin, Kratsch, and Novelle [6] on monotone partitions of permutations. We show that partitioning a sequence of distinct integers into unimodal subsequences isExpand
Optimal Sorting of Rolling Stock at Hump Yards
This paper presents a remarkably efficient algorithm with linear running time for solving the practical SRSP at the BASF hump yard, covering a broad range of specially structured applications. Expand
Online Coloring of Comparability Graphs: some results
We study online partitioning of posets from a graph theoretical point of view, which is coloring and cocoloring in comparability graphs. For the coloring problem, we analyse the First-Fit algorithmExpand
All-Pairs LCA in DAGs: Breaking through the O(n2.5) barrier
An algorithm for finding an LCA for all pairs of vertices in a DAG, which represents the first improvement on the running times for this problem in the last 13 years. Expand
Partitioning permutations into monotone subsequences
A permutation is k-coverable if it can be partitioned into k monotone subsequences. Barber conjectured that, for any given permutation, if every subsequence of length (k+2 2 ) is k-coverable then theExpand
The Mixed Page Number of Graphs
This work begins the study of the mixed page number of a graph which corresponds to the minimum number of such sets in a linear layout, and focuses on complete and complete bipartite graphs, for which lower and upper bounds on their mixedpage number are derived. Expand
Complete Edge-Colored Permutation Graphs
It is shown that complete edge-colored permutation graphs form a superclass of so-called symbolic ultrametrics and that the coloring of such graphs is always a Gallai coloring, which leads to an $\mathcal{O}(|V|^2)$-time recognition algorithm. Expand