Monosodium Glutamate Plus Artemether-lumefantrine Overdose Altered Malondialdehyde, Total Protein and Albumin Concentration in Rats

  title={Monosodium Glutamate Plus Artemether-lumefantrine Overdose Altered Malondialdehyde, Total Protein and Albumin Concentration in Rats},
  author={Anthony Cemaluk C. Egbuonu and Emmanuel Obi and Chinedu Paulinus Nwuke and Cynthia Simon and Justina Utodinachi Oleghibe and Nnaemeka Raymond Ezenwafor and Ebere Mercy Chukwu},
This study aimed at assessing alterations in malondialdehyde, MDA, total protein and albumin concentration in the serum and liver homogenate of monosodium glutamate (MSG)-challenged rats co-treated with artemether-lumefantrine, AL. Methods involving colourimetric estimation were employed in thirty rats randomly grouped into six (n = 5) and for seven consecutive days, fed feed and water (Group A), AL therapeutic dose (Group B), AL overdose (therapeutic dose × 5) (Group C), MSG (8000 mg/kg body… 
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Therapeutic Artemether-Lumefantrine Modulated Monosodium Glutamate-Related Adversity on Rats ’ Kidney Histology and Antioxidant Response Bio-Indicators

These demonstrated MSG-related adversity and significant modulation response of TAL, unlike HAL, on the rats’ kidney histology and antioxidant bioindicators following MSG-challenge and studied antioxidant response bio-indicators.

Study of the dandelion on some physiological parameters against induced by monosodium glutamate in male white rabbits (Lepus arcticus)

  • Israa HusseinR. Jawad
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  • 2023

Protective Role of Ginkgo biloba on Monosodium Glutamate: Induced Liver and Kidney Toxicity in Rats.

The results showed that MSG at dose 1.5 mg/kg of body weight may cause an adverse effect on the heptic and renal functions which might be due to oxidative stress induced by MSG on the liver and renal tissue.

The Possible Ameliorative Effect of Propolis in Rat’s Liver Treated with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

It is concluded that propolis extract possess the ability to reverse MSG induced liver oxidative injury as well as to regulate the metabolic enzymatic activities for maintaining proper functioning of the cells and may be considered as hepatoprotective agent against MSG induced toxic effects in the protective role.

Protective effect of Piper longum Linn. on monosodium glutamate induced oxidative stress in rats.

It was revealed that administration of P. longum provided significant protection to liver and kidney from the oxidative stress of MSG, though the dose rate was not sufficient to provide a complete protection.

Whey Protein Concentrate WPC-80 Intensifies Glycoconjugate Catabolism and Induces Oxidative Stress in the Liver of Rats

WPC-80 is responsible for intensive remodelling of liver tissue and induction of oxidative stress especially at a dose of 0.5 g/kg body weight, and enhanced level of GSH, MDA, IL-1β and TGF-β1 were also observed.

Monosodium Glutamate Induces Oxidative Stress and Affects Glucose Metabolism in the Kidney of Rats

The pattern of induction of oxidative stress and alteration of glucose metabolic enzymes in the animals is an indication that oxidative stress induced by MSG in the renal tissues of rats might be contributed by increased tissue glucose concentration resulting from enhanced renal gluconeogenesis.

Evaluation of the Changes in Some Liver Function and Haematological Parameters in MSG Fed Rats

There was no significant difference (p>0.05) in PCV, WBC, RBC, total protein, albumin, direct and co njugated bilirubin in the rats fed with MSG at all levels of supplementation when compared with the control group.

Pulverized Mangifera indica (Mango) Seed-kernel Modulated Serum Lipid Profile in Monosodium Glutamate-challenged Rats

The preponderance of tannin was demonstrated in, and significant serum lipid lowering potential in normal and MSG-challenged rats of, the sample, and the suggested implication of lipid-profile-component-ratios are warranted and recommended.

Effect of Prolonged Administration of Artemether-Lumefantrine on Testicular Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress: Ameliorative Effect of Vitamin E

It is concluded that, prolonged administration of artemether-lumefantrine induces significant alterations in testicular antioxidant enzymes activity suggestive of oxidative stress and that vitamin E and cessation of treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapies appreciably ameliorates the alterations intesticular antioxidants enzymes activity.

Effect of Honey on Monosodium Glutamate Induced Nephrotoxicity ( Histological and Electron Microscopic Studies )

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is frequently used as a flavor enhancer, the fact of which makes it one of the most applied food additives in the modern nutrition all over the world. The aim of this work

Acute administration of co-artesiane induces oxidative stress in the testes of adult male Wistar rats

The results suggest that the graded dose of Co-artesiane ® elicit depletion of antioxidant defense system and induced oxidative stress in the rats.