Monopoles and Three-Manifolds

  title={Monopoles and Three-Manifolds},
  author={Peter B. Kronheimer and Tomasz S. Mrowka},
Preface 1. Outlines 2. The Seiberg-Witten equations and compactness 3. Hilbert manifolds and perturbations 4. Moduli spaces and transversality 5. Compactness and gluing 6. Floer homology 7. Cobordisms and invariance 8. Non-exact perturbations 9. Calculations 10. Further developments References Glossary of notation Index. 
Given a three-manifold with b1 = 1 and a nontorsion spin c structure, we use finite dimensional approximation to construct from the Seiberg-Witten equations two invariants in the form of a periodicExpand
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Review : Monopoles and three - manifolds by Peter Kronheimer and Tomasz Mrowka ( PDF )
  • 2009