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Monopole polarization of C60 fullerene shell

  title={Monopole polarization of C60 fullerene shell},
  author={M. Ya. Amusia and A. S. Baltenkov Racah Institute of Physics and The Hebrew University and J{\'e}rusalem and 91904 Israel and Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute and St. Petersburg and 194021 Russia and Arifov Institute of Ion-Plasma and Laser Technologies and Tashkent and 100125 Uzbekistan},
  journal={arXiv: Atomic and Molecular Clusters},
We analyze using Poisson equation the spatial distributions of the positive charge of carbon atomic nuclei shell and negative charge of electron clouds forming the electrostatic potential of the C60 fullerene shell as a whole. We consider also the case when an extra positive charge appears inside C60 in course of e.g. photoionization of an endohedral A@C. We demonstrate that frequently used radial square-well potential U(r) simulating the C60 shell leads to nonphysical charge densities of the… 

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Dolmatov, in Theory of Confined Quantum Systems: Part Two, edited

  • Advances in Quantum Chemistry
  • 2009