Monomeric sarcosine oxidase: role of histidine 269 in catalysis.

  title={Monomeric sarcosine oxidase: role of histidine 269 in catalysis.},
  author={Gouhua Zhao and Hui Song and Zhi-wei Chen and F. Scott Mathews and Marilyn Schuman Jorns},
  volume={41 31},
Conservative mutation of His269 (to Asn, Ala, or Gln) does not-significantly affect the expression of monomeric sarcosine oxidase (MSOX), covalent flavinylation, the physicochemical properties of bound FAD, or the overall protein structure. Turnover with sarcosine and the limiting rate of the reductive half-reaction with L-proline at pH 8.0 are, however, nearly 2 orders of magnitude slower than that with with wild-type MSOX. The crystal structure of the His269Asn complex with pyrrole-2… CONTINUE READING
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