Monomer and magnetic dipole‐coupled Cu2+ EPR signals in nitrosylhemocyanin

  title={Monomer and magnetic dipole‐coupled Cu2+ EPR signals in nitrosylhemocyanin},
  author={Antonius J.M. Schoot Uiterkamp},
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Utilization of Nitric Oxide as a Paramagnetic Probe of the Molecular Oxygen Binding Site of Metalloenzymes
The paramagnetism of many nitrosylated complexes of metalloproteins has led to numerous but limited studies by EPR spectroscopy since the early seventies. Spectral analysis can, in the best of cases,
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Metalloproteins often use binuclear metal centres to perform important biological functions. This is the case of electron transfer proteins, such as ferredoxins, oxygen carriers, such as hemerythrin
Structural states of the binuclear copper cluster of Cancer magister methemocyanin.
The reaction of nitrogen monoxide and of nitrite with deoxyhaemocyanin and methaemocyanin of Helix pomatia.
Under strictly anaerobic conditions deoxyhaemOCyanin and methaemocyanin, treated with NO, gave the same derivative as shown by circular dichroism and EPR spectra.
Preparation and characterization of met apo hemocyanin: a single copper (II) active site.


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E.s.r. measurements have been made on haemocyanin samples derived from the South Australian crayfish, Jasus lalandii. In order to assist in the interpretation of the results the e.s.r. spectra given
Über die Oxydation von Ascorbinsäure durch salpetrige Säure Teil I: Stöchiometrie und kinetische Messtechnik 13. Mitteilung über Reduktone und 1,2,3-Tricarbonylverbindungen
Oxidation of ascorbic acid by nitrous acid at pH 0 to 5 follows the stoechiometric equation: This was shown by potentiometric titration of the ascorbic acid and by gas analysis.
Aufbau und Spezifität des Hämocyanins
Hamocyanin, der kupferhaltige Blutfarbstoff von Wirbellosen, enthalt einwertiges Kupfer, welches direkt an ein Protein gebunden ist, dessen Aminosaure-zusammensetzung angegeben wird. Bei der
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