Monodromy weight filtration is independent of l, preprint

  title={Monodromy weight filtration is independent of l, preprint},
  author={Tomohide Terasoma},
The algebraic closure of K is denoted by K̄ and Spec(K̄) is denote by η̄. Let X0 be a scheme over S0 whose genric geometric fiber Xη̄ = X0×S0 η̄ is smooth. Denote by X the fiber product X0×Fq F. Then by a theorem of Grothendieck, the action of the Galois group I = Gal(K̄/K) on H(Xη̄,Ql) is quasi unipotent. Let J be an open compact subgroup of I whose action on H(Xη̄,Ql) is unipotent. The action of J factors through the maximal tame quotient J t of J . Let U a topological generator of J t ≃ Ẑ(1… CONTINUE READING

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