Monodisperse double emulsions generated from a microcapillary device.

  title={Monodisperse double emulsions generated from a microcapillary device.},
  author={Andrew S Utada and {\'E}lise Lorenceau and Darren R. Link and Peter D. Kaplan and Howard A Stone and David A Weitz},
  volume={308 5721},
Double emulsions are highly structured fluids consisting of emulsion drops that contain smaller droplets inside. Although double emulsions are potentially of commercial value, traditional fabrication by means of two emulsification steps leads to very ill-controlled structuring. Using a microcapillary device, we fabricated double emulsions that contained a single internal droplet in a core-shell geometry. We show that the droplet size can be quantitatively predicted from the flow profiles of the… CONTINUE READING