Monocytes of preeclamptic women spontaneously synthesize pro-inflammatory cytokines.

  title={Monocytes of preeclamptic women spontaneously synthesize pro-inflammatory cytokines.},
  author={Patrizia Luppi and Julie A Deloia},
  journal={Clinical immunology},
  volume={118 2-3},
The maternal syndrome preeclampsia is characterized by a generalized inflammatory response with activation of circulating leukocytes and altered levels of inflammatory cytokines. We hypothesized that one potential source of inflammatory cytokines during preeclampsia is the circulating maternal monocytes. By using flow cytometry, we found that the spontaneous intracellular synthesis of IL-1beta, IL-6, and IL-8 in monocytes of preeclamptic women was higher than in normal pregnant and non-pregnant… CONTINUE READING

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