Monoclonal antibody analysis of glomerular hypercellularity in human glomerulonephritis

  title={Monoclonal antibody analysis of glomerular hypercellularity in human glomerulonephritis},
  author={David Hooke and Wayne W Hancock and Deborah Gee and Nina Kraft and Robert C. Atkins},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={22 4},
To determine the contribution of infiltrating circulating leucocytes to glomerular hypercellularity, and to further investigate the immune and inflammatory mechanisms involved in human glomerulonephritis, a series of renal biopsies were evaluated using cell-specific monoclonal antibodies. In ninety-three renal biopsies from patients with glomerulonephritis, intraglomerular leucocytes were identified by immunoperoxidase localization of monoclonal antibodies to the leucocyte-common antigen, and… CONTINUE READING


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