Monoclonal antibody GB25 recognizes human villous trophoblasts.


A monoclonal antibody GB25 which was raised against placental syncytiotrophoblast reacted specifically with villous trophoblasts. It recognized syncytiotrophoblast, villous cytotrophoblasts of the first-trimester placentae, and a majority of the cytotrophoblasts in the chorion laeve, but not the residual cells of cytotrophoblastic shell in the basal plates… (More)


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@article{Hsi1986MonoclonalAG, title={Monoclonal antibody GB25 recognizes human villous trophoblasts.}, author={Belinda Hsi and C J Yeh}, journal={American journal of reproductive immunology and microbiology : AJRIM}, year={1986}, volume={12 1}, pages={1-3} }