Monoclonal antibody 3H8: a useful tool in the diagnosis of candidiasis.

  title={Monoclonal antibody 3H8: a useful tool in the diagnosis of candidiasis.},
  author={Antonio Marcilla and Carlos Hern{\'a}ndez – Monteagudo and Salvador Mormeneo and R. Sentandreu},
  volume={145 ( Pt 3)},
In a previous series of experiments six mAbs were obtained against cell wall extracts of Candida albicans ATCC 26555. After several studies only one of them, designated 3H8, has been used to produce a commercial kit for the rapid diagnosis of candidiasis, Bichro-latex albicans (Fomouze Diagnostics). The present study involved the generation and characterization of this mAb as an immunoglobulin G1 which recognizes mannoproteins of high molecular mass present in the C. albicans cell wall. ELISA… CONTINUE READING

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