Monoclonal antibodies to the human multicatalytic proteinase (proteasome).

  title={Monoclonal antibodies to the human multicatalytic proteinase (proteasome).},
  author={Mikkel Kaltoft and Christian Koch and Wolfgang Uerkvitz and Klavs B. Hendil},
  volume={11 4},
Multicatalytic proteinase is an intracellular enzyme composed of at least 12 different subunits. Seven murine hybridoma cell lines secreting antibodies to human multicatalytic proteinase (MCP) were established. The antibodies reacted with 4 different subunits of the oligomeric protein. Three of the antibodies bound to identical or closely spaced epitopes on the largest subunit, as shown by binding competition. Some of the antibodies cross-reacted with MCP from rat or rabbit, but none with… CONTINUE READING

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