Monoclonal antibodies directed against Brucella abortus cell surface antigens.


A panel of monoclonal antibodies (MAb) has been raised against Brucella abortus cell surface antigens from mice immunized with either heat/phenol treated or UV killed bacterial suspensions of B. abortus. The hybridomas were screened by either a microagglutination procedure or by an indirect enzyme immunoassay (EIA) on sonicated bacterial preparations. From a large number of MAb generated by various procedures, two distinct types of MAb emerged. The most numerous type was capable of agglutinating B. abortus and reacting with a soluble preparation of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). A second type was not capable of agglutinating the bacterial suspensions or of binding to the soluble LPS preparation but reacted with an antigen present in bacterial sonicates. Two MAb of this type react differentially with sonicates prepared from virulent and avirulent strains of B. abortus. There appeared to be sufficient evidence from our analysis of the relative degree of cross reaction with antigens present on a range of B. abortus strains and Brucella and xenogenic bacterial species to conclude that each of the seven MAb was recognising a separate antigenic site on the B. abortus cell surface.

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