Monoclonal antibodies against nuclear casein kinase NII (PK-N2).

  title={Monoclonal antibodies against nuclear casein kinase NII (PK-N2).},
  author={Said A. Goueli and Alan T. Davis and E Arfman and Robert Vessella and Khalil Ahmed},
  volume={9 6},
A monoclonal antibody was produced against the nuclear casein kinase II (PK-N2) isolated from rat liver. The antibody was of the IgM class, and showed immunoreactivity towards the higher molecular weight subunit (41K Da) of the protein kinase in Western blots. The antibody was equally reactive towards the PK-N2 isolated from rat ventral prostate indicating that it can recognize the enzyme from different tissues of the rat. The antibody also detected the cytosolic casein kinase II (CK-2… CONTINUE READING

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