Monochromatic Path and Cycle Partitions in Hypergraphs


Here we address the problem to partition edge colored hypergraphs by monochromatic paths and cycles generalizing a well-known similar problem for graphs. We show that r-colored r-uniform complete hypergraphs can be partitioned into monochromatic Berge-paths of distinct colors. Also, apart from 2k − 5 vertices, 2-colored k-uniform hypergraphs can be… (More)



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@article{Gyrfs2013MonochromaticPA, title={Monochromatic Path and Cycle Partitions in Hypergraphs}, author={Andr{\'a}s Gy{\'a}rf{\'a}s and G{\'a}bor N. S{\'a}rk{\"o}zy}, journal={Electr. J. Comb.}, year={2013}, volume={20}, pages={P18} }