Monoartrite de joelho como manifestação isolada de paracoccidiodomicose

  title={Monoartrite de joelho como manifestaç{\~a}o isolada de paracoccidiodomicose},
  author={Marco T{\'u}lio Alvarenga Silvestre and Marcelo Sim{\~a}o Ferreira and A{\'e}rcio Sebasti{\~a}o Borges and Ademir Rocha and Gildo Moacir de Souza and S{\'e}rgio de Andrade Nishioka},
Osteoarthritis in paracoccidioidomycosis has been rarely reported. The present case describes a 36 "year"old woman, with chronic monoarthritis in the knee lasting 4 years. The diagnosis was achieved only after sinovial biopsy, by anatomopathological examination showing granulomatous reaction with a large number of the characteristic "pilot wheel" Paracoccidioides brasiliensis yeast cells. Specific therapy, initially with ketoconazole and followed by cotrimoxazole led to complete functional… CONTINUE READING

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