Monoamine oxidase A gene DNA hypomethylation - a risk factor for panic disorder?

  title={Monoamine oxidase A gene DNA hypomethylation - a risk factor for panic disorder?},
  author={Katharina Domschke and Nicola Tidow and Henriette Kuithan and Kathrin Schwarte and Benedikt Klauke and Oliver Ambr{\'e}e and Andreas Reif and Hartmut T Schmidt and Volker Arolt and Anette Kersting and Peter Zwanzger and J{\"u}rgen Deckert},
  journal={The international journal of neuropsychopharmacology},
  volume={15 9},
The monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene has been suggested as a prime candidate in the pathogenesis of panic disorder. In the present study, DNA methylation patterns in the MAOA regulatory and exon 1/intron 1 region were investigated for association with panic disorder with particular attention to possible effects of gender and environmental factors. Sixty-five patients with panic disorder (44 females, 21 males) and 65 healthy controls were analysed for DNA methylation status at 42 MAOA CpG sites… CONTINUE READING
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