Monkeypox goes global: why scientists are on alert.

  title={Monkeypox goes global: why scientists are on alert.},
  author={Max Kozlov},

Les animaux hors d’Afrique peuvent-ils être concernés par la flambée de Monkeypox en cours, voire en devenir des acteurs importants

  • N. Haddad
  • Bulletin de l'Académie vétérinaire de France
  • 2022
La flambée extra-africaine inédite de monkeypox questionne sur le risque de transmission du virus Monkeypox (MPXV) à des animaux des pays nouvellement infectés et sur leur capacité à servir d’hôtes

Monkeypox virus: a re-emergent threat to humans

Why Should RNA Viruses Have All the Fun – Monkeypox, a Close Relative of Smallpox and a DNA Virus

Ever since the eradication of the dreaded DNA virus Variola major that caused smallpox (SPX), in 1980, none of the other DNA viruses have got much attention of public health professionals, international media, and public for being a cause of concern for global health security.

Epidemiology-based analysis of the risks and elimination strategies of the monkeypox outbreak in 2022

It was demonstrated that monkeypox virus became more contagious and less virulent in 2022, which could result from the fact that the virus entered a special transmission network favoring close contacts and the possibility that theirus accumulated a few adaptive mutations.

Health system preparedness in infectious diseases: perspective of Malaysia, a middle-income country, in the face of monkeypox outbreaks

The current disease preparedness and response framework and guidelines in Malaysia have established a health system that is proactive and responsive to any potential infectious disease outbreaks, despite this, the future remains unpredictable, and ongoing fortification is required as events unfold.

Poxvirus-driven human diseases and emerging therapeutics

The current understanding of various poxviruses causing human diseases is summarized, insights into their replication and pathogenicity, disease progression and symptoms, preventive and treatment options are provided, and their importance in shaping modern medicine through application in gene therapy, oncolytic viral therapies for human cancers, or as poxvirus vectors for vaccines are summarized.

Monkeypox: A Re-emerging Viral Zoonotic Infection

Despite recent concerns, there is still a very low risk of the MPXV pandemic, however, it is recommended to be alert for such infection and provide essential readiness against it.

Monkeypox: How Globalization, Host Immunity, and Viral Evolution Create a New Pathogen.

A large global outbreak in 2022 has demonstrated changing epidemiology and increased person-to-person transmission and most cases have been in younger people without previous smallpox vaccination and in men who have sex with men, a previously unrecognized mode of transmission.