Monkey hippocampal neurons related to spatial and nonspatial functions.

  title={Monkey hippocampal neurons related to spatial and nonspatial functions.},
  author={Taketoshi Ono and Kae Nakamura and Hisao Nishijo and Satoshi Eifuku},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={70 4},
1. Neural activity in the monkey hippocampal formation (HF) was analyzed during a spatial moving task in which the monkey was guided by auditory and visual cues and when stimuli were presented from various directions. The monkey could control a motorized, movable device (cab) and its route to a target location by pressing the proper one of five available bars in an appropriate sequence (spatial moving task). In any of several locations in the field, neural responses were evident in relation to… CONTINUE READING

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