Monitoring the source of memory in detoxified alcoholics.

  title={Monitoring the source of memory in detoxified alcoholics.},
  author={Herbert J. Weingartner and Paul J. Andreason and Daniel W. Hommer and Karen Sirocco and Daniel E. Rio and Urs E. Ruttimann and Robert R. Rawlings and Michael J. Eckardt},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={40 1},
The ability to monitor the source of remembered information and related reflective cognitive processes was examined in normal volunteers and detoxified alcoholics. Normal volunteers were very accurate judges of whether remembered events were presented as stimuli or were self-generated, even when memory was tested 2 days later. In contrast, a subgroup of otherwise cognitively unimpaired alcoholics demonstrated impairments in the ability to track the source of remembered knowledge and were also… CONTINUE READING

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