Monitoring the Depth of Abrasive Wateriet Penetration

  title={Monitoring the Depth of Abrasive Wateriet Penetration},
  author={Reoovnx Kovrrcnvtct},
  • Reoovnx Kovrrcnvtct
  • Published 2012
Abstrrct-In order to control thc uniformity of thc abrasive watcrjct Pcnetration into the workpiccc, it is nec€ssary to dcvisc a monitoring mcthodology thal can indirectly monitor thc depth of abrasivc-watcrict penetration. It was shown that the workpiecc-normal force gcngratcd_by-an abrasivc lltc-rtct could bc uscd is thc indicator of the depth of jct pcnctration, and that a forcc-fecdback conlrol holds pronisc as tm effective way ro regrrlatc ttrc Oepitr ol jct pcnetration. The cffects of… CONTINUE READING

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