Monitoring populations for DNA repair deficiency and for cancer susceptibility.

  title={Monitoring populations for DNA repair deficiency and for cancer susceptibility.},
  author={William Y. W. Au and Gerald S Wilkinson and Stephen K Tyring and MarvinS. Legator and R el Zein and Leif Hallberg and Moon Young Heo},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={579 - 584}
The induction of a mutator phenotype has been hypothesized to cause the accumulation of multiple mutations in the development of cancer. Recent evidence suggests that the mutator phenotype is associated with DNA repair deficiencies. We have been using a challenge assay to study exposed populations to test our hypothesis that exposure to environmental toxicants induce DNA repair deficiency in somatic cells. In this assay, lymphocytes were irradiated in vitro to challenge cells to repair the… CONTINUE READING


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